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女風 クレジットカード決済



Reception time

Holidays: Varies by therapist. for business siteCustoms for women Kaikan, for womenPlease check from

For inquiries, send a Twitter DM or email to the therapistPlease contact us directly at

PreliminaryIf you have decided on a contract, please make a reservation from the store LINE.

​Please make your reservation well in advance so that you can have an enjoyable time with your designated therapist.


*Therapist will not inform you of the payment fee.

[If there is information about the payment fee from the therapistReport to storePlease. ]

※The service fee for non-Japanese nationals will be 1.5 times the regular price. The event discounts do not apply.





女性用風俗 料金
出張ホスト 料金
性感マッサージ 料金
女性専用風俗 クレジットカード決済

The course will start after entering the hotel, and the course will end when you leave the room.It will be (staying, chartering, date course will be after meeting). All service charges are shown including tax.Please prepare the service fee in cash and hand it over before the service starts.

* It has been confirmed that there are cases where other stores cannot accept and pay only for the service. Please be sure to complete the accounting before starting the service.

*If you are using our shop for the first time, please make a prepayment of 80% of the fee and the travel fee at least 2 days before the reservation date.

*Business trip expenses are round-trip transportation expenses to and from the customer.

* In addition, hotel charges and food and drink charges are all borne by the customer. Please provide breakfast, lunch, and midnight snacks to the therapist at appropriate times for overnight stays, private rentals, and date courses.

* Twitter DM is used only for inquiries about reservations. Chat DM affects the therapist's main business, and in some cases, it can be the cause of quitting the therapist. While the therapist concentrates on his main business, we will prioritize the condition so that we can provide the best service to our customers. Chat DMs are strictly prohibited. If you want to talk with a therapist, please use the call course or date course.




​[Basic play]

​Kiss Hug Shiatsu Massage Date Whole Body Kiss Deep Kiss Lying Cunnilingus Finger Pen Electric Massager
Vaginal sensuality, appreciation, blowjob, handjob, vibrator, rotor

​*For hygiene reasons, please prepare your own vibrator and rotor.

​[Basic flow]

​Consult a therapist on Twitter
→ Please contact the store LINE with your reservation details.
→We will contact you about payment details.
*Therapist will not inform you of the payment fee.
[If there is information about the payment fee from the therapist
Report to storePlease. ]

Meet at the designated place on the day of reservation
*It is prohibited to travel together in the therapist's car or the customer's car.
→ Escort to the hotel (if you are at home, ask)
→ Careful counseling
→ take a shower together

*Rinse the delicate zone
→ Erotic massage
→ take a bath together
→ Farewell when the time comes

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