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What is customs wish for women

Customs wish for womenerogenous sirSpecializing in bis and sensual massageThis is a business trip therapist club.

the concept is[Make a naughty wish come true] Therapyis!

eastIn addition to Kyoto, business trips to the Kanto areaI let you rappieto come.Over 20 years oldIf so, you can use it with confidence.

As there are AV for women, AV for women, adult videos for women, and adult videos for women, many women should actually want to vent sexually. Please take advantage of our store!

Safe and secure initiatives for service provision

We are reporting non-store type sex customs special business. We will perform our services in compliance with the law.
We will provide services under the guidance of the authorities so that customers can receive services with peace of mind.

Features of Fuzoku wish for women

customs wish for womenis therapy by a clean boyWe offer
Not only good-looking guys, but also Johnny's, athletics, muscular, and Lehmans will welcome you.
​Enjoy clean boy therapy, not the so-called flamboyant host!

How to make a reservation for Fuzoku wish for women

For "reservation inquiries", please DM the therapist's Twitter! If you can adjust the reservation, please add the store LINE and tell us the reservation details!

女性用風俗 クレジットカード決済
女性向け風俗 クレジットカード決済
女性用風俗 アニオタ アニヲタ アニメヲタク コミケ
M性感 東京 神奈川 千葉 埼玉
腐女子 コミケ コミックマーケット
デカマラ 巨根 デカチン メガビッグボーイ オカモト

Service course overview

customs wish for womenWe offer a variety of courses.


The therapist will be your boyfriend and will provide you with a secret and fun experience.

[Main use cases]

  • I want to enjoy a meal with two people

  • i want to go to karaoke with you

  • I want to go out for a drink and release my stress

  • I want to go to an amusement park or an aquarium with you

  • I want you to go with me to the cinema

  • I want to enjoy shopping with you

  • i want to go live

  • I want to go for a drive when I'm lonely

  • I want to spend time with someone other than my husband or boyfriend

  • I just want you to listen to my complaints

  • I want to talk about my worries

  • I'm lonely, so I want you to be by my side

  • want to satisfy sexual desires

  • Other​, please use according to your situation


If it is within the course time, depending on the customer's requestKaraoke, food, alcohol, night views, amusement parks, sports, park dates, travel dates, etc. are of course possible.Noh.

*We offer sensual services and sensual massages,genital insertionis prohibited by lawhas beenvinegar.​Please understand that we cannot provide any performances.

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